The Millbrook Civic Association was formed to serve the common needs of our community. We are located in the Far         

 Northeast section of the City of Philadelphia. Our officers and committee members are not compensated for their time;

 all of our efforts are expended on a volunteer basis. The mission of the Millbrook Civic Association is to preserve the 

 quality of our neighborhood; keep the community informed on those issues that impact us; and to be an advocate for the 

 community’s position on those issues with local and state Government.
 Some of our functions include:
 - Assist in operating an active Neighborhood Town Watch program
 - Assist in maintaining quality of life issues in our neighborhood
 - Ensure residences are aware of local regulations that apply to our neighborhood and support 

   community organizations that include, but not limited to: Calvary Athletic Association, our local

   schools, the Northeast YMCA and Chalfont Recreation Center
 - Monitor local Government activity to learn about issues that pertain to our Association
 - Conduct monthly General Meetings with informative speakers
 - Maintain an active relationship with local and state Government
 - Coordinate with Government to resolve zoning, traffic, and home/business violations
 - Coordinate with other citizen associations on common issues
 - Govern & appoint our Police Department Advisory Council (PDAC) representative(s)
 - Monitor plans for development and renovations within Millbrook Civic Association’s boundaries to

   assess any impact on our residents